Facebook Spreads Public Testing of the Downvote Button

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook is giving more people the chance to passive-aggressively vomit their hearts out this week, as reports of a wider launch of the social network's thumbs-down button come in.

The downvote option appears to have popped up in the feeds of Facebook users in Australia and New Zealand now, along with a message introducing the comment-rating feature that promises your feedback will remain anonymous -- so the people you hate won't know you hate them. Facebook will use the data to hide poor comments, it says, although the feature is obviously going to be used primarily to grass-up people who have wrong opinions.

The system at the moment is restricted to the downvoting of comments left beneath posts, so bizarre, fake, wrong or rude pages themselves will remain immune from being downvoted away and still need reporting via the usual channels. [Twitter via Techradar]