Five Arrested for Illegal Rave in Abandoned London Toys R Us

By Tom Pritchard on at

Toys R Us is near its end. Yesterday we found out that all remaining stores will shut down by April 24th, but some of them have already shut down. Just like the Hounslow branch in West London, which is in the news because it very nearly ended up housing an illegal rave.

Five men were arrested on 31st March for attempting to hold a “massive Easter Weekend rave", which hadn't started by the time officers showed up. They eventually mentioned the operation on Twitter, with this clearly real and totally not faked sign:

Police also warned people not to try and attend the event, with hopeful attendees and ticket holders being sent home - presumably with some advice that while raves may be fun, illegal raves are a bad idea. Even if Geoffrey the Giraffe is there trying to drown his sorrows with quad-vods and watered down pints.

Maybe Toys R Us's administrators can take some inspiration from this idea, though. Clearly those retail locations aren't going to be demolished, and plenty of them are fairly secluded. Why not hold some official (and legal) raves to earn a bit of cash that can be used to settle some of the company's debts? It beats having them sit around empty and unused, and you might as well let the company go out in style. [Variety]

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