Fondue on the Up as the Nation Comfort Eats Cheese

By Gary Cutlack on at

We're not too sure about the science behind this, and suspect it might be an attempt by John Lewis to sell more fondue sets to hipsters, but still. A man who is a professor says we're eating melted cheese more nowadays and it might be some sort of ancient, hard-wired stress reaction. So you're allowed to as it's calming and natural, like wanking.

This bit of rare cheese science was reported in the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, where Oxford University's Professor Charles Spence went on about cheese, stress and North Korea. Spence said of the rise in popularity of fondue (which only he seems to have noticed) could be due to a variety of reasons, perhaps that the dish of Swiss origin appeals to us because, like Switzerland, we're also about to be part of Europe but outside of the EU and are subconsciously aligning ourselves via food choices, or we could be eating cheese as it makes us stop thinking about the possibility of North Korea nuking us all, or at least nuking America and making it cold and the sky rain poisoned death water for a decade.

And concentrating on how to get soggy cheese from the middle of a table to a mouth without looking like an idiot or burning any nearby children makes us forget about all that for a moment and be happy.

The act of forking melted cheese out of a pot is too ugly for Instagram for photogenic reasons to be behind the dish's rise, though, he says, but perhaps the shareable nature of the communal cheese-dipping custom might be a factor in its return to 1970s levels of popularity, as apparently some modern people don't only eat food bought by a man on a bicycle by themselves. [Science Place via Telegraph]

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