France Can't Handle Quorn, Bans Veggie Products From Masquerading as Alt-Meat

By Tom Pritchard on at

The French aren't exactly known for being open-minded when it comes to the evolving nature of cuisine, but its latest attempt to safeguard the world of French food is taking things a bit too far. Basically it's banned vegetarian products from using words commonly associated with meat, which means no more veggie sausages, veggie 'bacon' and so on.

A successfully proposed amendment sees animal-free alternatives banned from using the terms associated with meat, because apparently the French people can't tell the difference between a sausage and a fake sausage that says "végétarien" in big letters. Unsurprisingly it singles out all alternatives to products of "animal origin", including cheese which the French are notoriously arsey about.

Presumably there are people who are terrified that vegan cheese will dilute the quality of actual cheese made from actual milk. I've had vegan cheese and it was disgusting. If anything it made me want the real thing even more, but alas cheese can be expensive and it isn't very good for me.

The amendment comes from Jean Baptiste Moreau, a French member of parliament for the 'La République En Marche!' party. He's also a cattle farmer, which actually explains a lot. Posting on Twitter about the amendment, he claims its success will help combat false claims and better inform the consumer about what they're eating. Failure to comply could lead to a fine of up to €300,000.

Because it's oh so difficult to tell the difference between products made from meat and those that aren't. The EU has plenty of laws about food packaging, specifically that is has to include "accurate and honest information". Last time I checked France was still in the EU and had to follow those same rules. If companies who produce animal alternatives aren't following those rules, the government should do something about that rather than getting uppity over what classifies as a sausage. [Indy100]