French Company DriiveMe is Bringing £1 Car Rentals to the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

DriiveMe is a car rental service that's been very popular in France and Spain, with over 900,000 users taking advantage of a system that lets them hire a a car for just €1 along pre-set routes. Now that service is coming to the UK, letting us British people hire a car or van for just £1.

That £1 includes the cost of hire, fully comprehensive insurance, and a full 24 hours for you to get the car where it needs to be. The only thing it doesn't include is petrol, which you have to pay for yourself. Sounds like a great deal, right? Well there is a catch, in that there's not much flexibility in where you travel to and from.

The point behind DriiveMe is that it's designed to help car hire firms manage their fleets more effectively, using you to get ferry their cars around instead of having to pay staff or transport trucks to do it for them. That means you have to travel between two pre-set points and don't get much as much choice in what vehicle is available. Plus you only have 24 hours with the car, which means you can't really use it for holidaying on the other side of the country.

The routes that will be available at launch go from Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports between Manchester Airport and London Heathrow. That's quite limited, and involves some serious driving, but DriiveMe promises that more routes will be available in the future.

You can book a trip for yourself using the DriiveMe app (available on Android and iOS), or by using the DriiveMe website.

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