Google Maps Totally Knows Where Wally is

By Dave Meikleham on at

April Fool's, for once, I don't completely loathe you. Today is a glorious time to be alive because now I definitively have the answer to life's most important question: just where the hell is Wally? Well, going by my Google Maps, he's currently residing in Edinburgh's Craigcrook Castle... which may or may not be just up the road from me.

To celebrate the one day a year where Fake News is totally fine, the Big G has temporarily put a cute little 'Where's Wally?' game into Google Maps.

If you click on the cheery bespectacled chaps upon visiting G-Maps, you'll be taken to a mini-game, where you can look for the ever elusive beanpole, alongside some of his pals, including Wizard Whitebeard.

Come now, Wally. You're not even trying. 

There are five levels to find Wally and chums, so if you've got a few minutes to kill on this Easter Sunday, why not try and find the world's most hidey-hole-loving cartoon dude.