Hacked Facebook Accounts Yours for £1 Each

By Gary Cutlack on at

Investigators looking into dark places on the internet on work time have discovered more bad things involving Facebook and Twitter, this time centring around the bulk resale of hacked accounts and all the personal details and banality they contain.

The Telegraph says it saw compromised UK-based accounts being offered for sale at around £1 a pop, accounts that could then be used by criminals to... we have no idea. Sex chat your mum? The hackers target the abandoned accounts of lapsed users, like people who never got Twitter because it suggested they follow Ricky Gervais so they did and Jesus Christ it's all so terrible, or signed up multiple comedy accounts, did two jokes, then got bored. These ones are good to hack because the lapsed user never notices weird behaviour and things appearing without their intervention, and once breached these old accounts are given new passwords and offered for sale.

Apparently people with an interest in internet politics and the spreading of hate speech are the most interested in purchasing bulk numbers of compromised accounts, as these, and their ready-filled contacts and friends lists, assist in the ramping up of their own agendas through the sharing, liking and amplification features that come from being able to order about a dumb army of fake accounts. [Telegraph]