Heathrow Considers Declaring Itself a Low-Emission Zone and Charging Drivers to Enter

By Gary Cutlack on at

Heathrow is thinking about setting a new world record for irony, revealing that one way it might be able to meet its environmental commitments and build a whole new runway is to declare itself a low-emission zone and charge car drivers a congestion fee for entering the airport. As if dad's not already stressed enough about going on sodding holiday.

The plan is apparently a "last resort" idea at the moment, although the Telegraph says that the government's transport secretary is onside with the concept, as stopping cars driving to the airport may help the airport meet environmental promises made regarding the third runway.

A Heathrow spokesperson said: "We have an ambitious plan to treble our rail capacity by 2040 and enable 30 million more passengers to use public transport. If needed, we have said a congestion charge could be another way to reduce road journeys and support our sustainable transport plans as part of our 'triple lock' guarantee."

They say that additional air capacity will only be opened up when the airport can be sure it won't crash through EU air quality limits as a result of welcoming more planes in, hence dad's going to have to park in sodding Reading or Hemel Hempstead and get a bus in this dream vision of the UK's air travel regime. [Telegraph]