Heathrow Drone Near-Miss Was Nearest Miss Yet

By Gary Cutlack on at

A plane taking off from Heathrow very nearly achieved the milestone of being the first passenger jet drone casualty, with the UK's air safety watchdog saying that someone's drone came within 20 feet of colliding with the plane.

The particular flight and operator has not been revealed, lest people panic in hindsight, with the UK Airprox Board simply saying it was an Airbus 319 and it was nearly struck at a height of 4,800 feet while taking off on the morning of January 7. They say that "providence" – better known as sheer luck – was behind the plane's escape, as at taking off speeds and stresses there would've been no way the pilot could've taken evasive action.

The controller of the drone has not been found. Plus it might've just bounced off the fuselage anyway without doing any damage to the plane or its 160 passengers. We'll never know. [Metro]

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