Here's What Everyone Did Immediately After The Midnight Screenings Of Avengers: Infinity War

By James O Malley on at


So last night, like thousands of other people, I attended a midnight screening of Avengers: Infinity War. The cinema was rammed. In fact, as far as I could tell almost every screen in the multiplex was playing the film. This thing is definitely going to be a big deal.

It also though meant that as 3am rolled around, there were a lot of people on the streets of the capital asking the same questions or wondering the same things. How do we know? Brilliantly, Google Trends analyses search data in real time, and after plugging in some terms relating to the film, we can see some massive spikes in interest timed almost exactly for the moments after we watched many of our favourite heroes evaporate in front of us.

For example, clearly one thing that everyone did after the film was Google and see if it was worth sticking around for a post-credits scene - hey, we all needed to get to bed, so those precious few minutes could matter. Check out the 3am spike for searches about it:

(Here's the answer, in case you are wondering.)

Next up, one of the big shocks of the film: A surprise appearance by Captain America's original nemesis, the Red Skull. "WTF?" we thought, as Thanos turned up to grab the Soul Stone. Was Hugo Weaving back? Not exactly. Again though, notice the spike just after 3am - mercifully showing that audiences waited until the end of the film to check.

And finally, what about that single-shot post credit scene, which saw both Fury and Maria Hill disappeared at the snap of Thanos's fingers. Just before he disappears, Fury fires up a pager to contact someone... and then the symbol of Captain Marvel appeared on screen. Who? What? When? Clearly people wanted to know as searches for Captain Marvel sky-rocketed at that time. At 3 in the morning.

Yeah, we can't wait for the solo film either.

What did you Google immediately after the film ended? Let us know in the comments as it would both be interesting, and help us bash out some SEO-optimised content. Ahem.

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