High-End Pink Kit Kat Stinking Up Shelves From April 16

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a new kind of Kit Kat on the way, and as if that wasn't exciting enough wait until you see what colour it is. We can't even wait until the second paragraph to tell you, it's that exciting -- it's pink. That almost certainly means it's healthy enough to be lunch.

It's pink because this Kit Kat is made using the ruby chocolate technique that was only invented relatively recently, with the Kit Kat maker claiming that Barry Callebaut's mysterious new ruby coating offers an "intense berry-fruitiness taste" without any additional additives thanks to this new method of cocoa blending. So it may be vaguely healthier than usual types, although Nestle is only marketing this based on its exciting pinkness.

The ruby cocoa bean Kit Kat is launching on April 16 in Tesco, with an RRP of 85p attached to the four-finger bar. Which is rubbish, as Tesco does a multipack of four standard brown choc four-finger bars for £1, so that's quite a premium to pay to have a Kit Kat that matches your phone case and furry boots. [The Grocer]

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