I Can't Stop Scrolling Through This Collection of Incredible GIFs From Japanese Superhero Shows

By James Whitbrook on at

RIP my productivity, 1991-2018. Cause of death? So many good GIFs.

In the vein of such wonderful Twitter accounts as Batman ‘66 Labels or Swear Trek, @Tokugifs is a delightful collection of very specific joys: GIFs from oodles of Tokusatsu (essentially “special filming,” a reference to the FX-heavy nature of the series) shows, whether they be Kamen Rider, Garo, Ultraman, or the oodles and oodles of Super Sentai series, and beyond. And then occasionally some Power Rangers for good measure:

Like the above one, sometimes the GIFs are just fun, contextless bits of silliness. Sometimes, they’re cool poses:

Or ridiculous fight scenes:

Or, giant robots (sometimes in ridiculous fight scenes!):

Or giant monsters occasionally being goddamn bisected by Ultraman:

Or, more often, just some delightful absurdity that represents the very best of what this charming genre of explosion-packed, Spandex-clad superhero TV can offer:

You should really head on over to the account and follow it for a bit of superheroic joy on your Twitter timeline.

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