I'd be Far More Excited for Nintendo Labo if it Used Lego Instead of Cardboard

By Tom Pritchard on at

It won't be long before Nintendo releases Labo for the Switch, utilising basic components like cardboard to build accessories that can be used to play games on the portable console. Some people aren't fans, but I think we can all agree this idea would be universally beloved if Nintendo had teamed up with The LEGO Group instead.

YouTuber vmln8r seems to be ahead of the game, though, having produced his own Switch accessories made out of the iconic plastic bricks and bits. Using a 3D-printed accessory rail with a few modifications, they were able to build a new stand for the Switch, a controller grip that holds the console in place, various steering wheel designs, and more.

The 3D-printable accessory rail is available here, though vmln8r doesn't include any details of how it was modified to accommodate the Lego and Technic pieces used in the builds. Still the designs show off how interesting things could be if Lego and Nintendo were to team up, particularly since putting Lego together using by following the instructions is so simple small children do it all the time. Cardboard may be far more common, but it's also a lot more fiddly.

The chances of the two companies coming together are quite slim, but we can dream, can't we? [YouTube via The Verge]

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