Insurance Ad Banned for Encouraging Children to Eat Money

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of those adverts people who need murdering find funny has been banned. Hooray. But it's only a small ban to make sure children don't copy what it inadvertently suggests doing.

The ad in question is one of the execrable shrieking examples created for car insurance company Go Compare, which uses a character called "Monster Bill" to eat money and illustrate how massive bills nibble away at the contents of your bank account; much like the way car insurance adverts slowly eat away at your determination to stay alive.

One parent complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that the money-eating Go Compare monster had encouraged their child to literally eat money and swallow coins, which they said could potentially lead to death -- and not just of the car insurance advert-induced suicide kind.

The ASA agreed, saying: "...while we noted the ad did not feature children and agreed with GoCompare that the ad was not targeted at children, we considered that younger children might not appreciate the fantastical nature of the ad and might identify with the playful child-like character," hence it's not allowed to be shown before 7:30pm any more, saving young children from (a) death and (b) knowing about car insurance. [ASA via Chronicle]