It's Now a £150 Fine for Throwing Rubbish Out of a Car

By Gary Cutlack on at

Local councils have been handed the sort of power that angry dads can only dream of — a doubling of many of the fines for littering our proud* land with the detritus of convenience culture.

From now or hereabouts, the maximum fine for littering or doing a bit of graffiti has risen from £80 to £150, with the laws now covering the act of chucking something out of a car window. So if you're done with your extreme caffeinated energy drink in a rural beauty spot and decide in the heat of a jittery rush that it's best disposed off out the window, you could go down the the tune of an example-making fine of £150, should the police and everyone else involved be bothered with the effort of proving it happened.

It's sort of a money-saving exercise as well as a financial initiative, as the government believes that our local councils spend around £700m a year on picking up litter, so if we can be trained, educated or enforced not to do so that would lessen the burden on our tax revenues. [GOV]