Jeremy Corbyn Reminds Everyone That He Wants to Give Us Four More Bank Holidays a Year

By Tom Pritchard on at

In case you didn't know today is St George's Day, the most English day on the calendar that gives people the chance to pull out flags without being accused of racism or supporting our pitiful excuse of a national football team. It's also Shakespeare's birthday, but that's not quite as relevant to this conversation because Jeremy Corbyn has reminded everyone that Labour would totally have let us have today off work if it'd won the general election.

This news was originally announced a whole 365 days ago, on 23rd April 2017. Now the still-controversial leader of the Labour party is going on record at a union conference later today, to say once again that British workers should be rewarded for having to deal with Tory austerity measure. A reward that involves four extra bank holidays on St David’s Day (1st March), St Patrick’s Day (17th March), St George’s Day (23rd April) and St Andrew’s Day (30th November).

It's a nice idea. Not very practical, seeing as how most customer-facing businesses stay open on bank holidays to take advantage of the extra day people get off work - much to the chagrin of their underpaid staff who just wanted to sleep for a few more hours. It's probably not the greatest idea to bundle them all together either, seeing as how adding these extra bank holidays would mean we'd have had three bank holidays in March, and two in April. The only reason we didn't have four days off in March was because Easter landed on 1st April this year.

Wouldn't it be better to spread those four days out over the year? One day in February, July, September, and either October or November would be great. That means most months would have at least one day off, though the fact Easter never stops moving around muddles things up a tad.

But if Labour wins the next election, Corbyn is promising that it's guaranteed. But seeing as how it's about four years off most of us will probably have forgotten by then. [The Independent]

Image: Chatham House/Flickr