Just Eat is Offering Free Catering to Anyone Getting Married on Royal Wedding Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

May 19th is a special day, because the people of Windsor are going to find it damn near impossible to do anything in the centre of their town. It's Royal Wedding day, and while the government was too stingy to give us an extra day off work so we can pretend to be royalists the pubs will be staying open late. Just Eat is also getting in on things with its latest publicity stunt, offering free catering to anyone getting married on 19th May.

Well I say free catering, it's actually giving one couple the chance to receive a £1,000 Just East voucher, which they can use towards whatever spread of food they put together for their guests. You know, because nothing says classy wedding like serving up kebabs, pizzas, and fried chicken. All the happy couple has to do is email a picture of themselves eating their favourite takeaway to wedding@just-eat.co.uk, along with evidence that they're actually getting married. Maybe hide the fact that you ordered the pizza from Domino's too if you're serious about winning.

Considering 19th May is only three weeks off, it's likely that most couples getting married will have already paid for their catering - or at the very least handed over a pretty big deposit. It's not the kind of thing you'd be willing to give up just so you can get £1,000 worth of free takeaways that you can probably only redeem in a very short space of time. But then again if you've suddenly decided to elope, maybe Just Eat can help you out.

A spokesperson for Just Eat said:

"A Just Eat takeaway menu is a great way to cut down on spiralling wedding costs and gives couples the choice of a number of dishes that can cater for a range of tastes, including a quintessentially British selection of fish and chips or an Asian inspired feast. ‘We hope our offer of £1,000 towards the wedding day menu adds some extra magic to their special day."