LEGO's Going to Celebrate May 4th With a New Ultimate Collector's Edition Y-Wing Set

By Tom Pritchard on at

Every year Star Wars fans celebrate May 4th as the most Star Warsy day of the year, and with every themed day like this you know damn well big companies are going to capitalise on it. With such a large portfolio of Star Wars-themed sets, LEGO is no exception. This year May 4th will debut a brand new version of the Ultimate Collector's Edition Y-Wing.

The original was first released in 2004, so it's about time there was a revamped version on shop shelves - particularly since LEGO stopped making the original 12 years ago.

The Y-Wing comes with 1,967 pieces, measuring 7cm high, 61cm long, and 30cm wide. Included in the set is an R2-BHD astromech droid, a single Rebel pilot minifigure (Gold Leader), but no gunner which is a strange oversight. It also has the two front-mounted cannons and rotating turret behind the cockpit - just like the real thing. Naturally, being a UCS model, it also comes with a display stand and spec sheet to match the other items in your collection.

This is a big set, and it's Star Wars themed, so there's no chance this was ever going to be cheap. It's £170 to purchase, and will be a LEGO store exclusive. That means you can only get it in an official LEGO store or the LEGO website.

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