Lifefaker Outs Our Social Media Mind Games

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lifefaker is a joke, but like all jokes apart from Michael McIntyre's, it also says something deep and serious about how we, as people, think and live. You know, like the boring bits on Stewart Lee.

The surface joke of Lifefaker is that you can buy packages of happy photographs of blue-tinted holidays, content and flea-free pets that don't smell, drinks evenings that end extremely well, and more to put online, leaving you with a perfect pre-packaged social media presence akin to he managed internet fascias of the stars.

The sad bit, though, is the way the site also wants to highlight how the true stories behind the images we share often aren't as glamorous as they seem, as a few brave vox-poppers explain:

Blah-de-blah, something about mental health is the reason behind it all, and if you want the full joke version of Lifefaker without the insightful commentary that's here, which includes the gloriously modern line "I've never seemed happier." [YouTube via Campaign]