London Flats Will Vacuum Away Recycling Through Hidden Pipes

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new development of flats in London is to test an innovative system for disposing of recycling -- sucking it down a network of pipes to an off-site facility. Which will be amazing, until the local kids start putting car tyres and dead cats down them.

The Swedish pneumatic Envac waste-collection system allows your crumpled up drinks bottles to whizz off to the afterlife at speeds of up to 44mph, with London's Barking Riverside development thinking this'll clean up the area no end by doing away with endless wheelie bins and trolleys, plus you could probably cut up a mattress or a Christmas tree and wedge them down one of them in pieces too.

460 waste outlets will therefore be installed across the site instead of bins, with residents educated in their ways and told that they'll have to do smaller batches of recycling more often. Development head Matt Carpen explained: "Lots of people have had real problems with wheelie bins and rubbish collection. There are environmental benefits, but we believe people will want this for wider lifestyle reasons. You have to treat your waste a bit differently. The bags are smaller than standard rubbish bags, which means people tend to take a small bag of rubbish out every day." [Homes & Property]