Man Disqualified From Wildlife Photo Contest for Using a Stuffed Animal

By Gary Cutlack on at

The winner of a wildlife-themed photographic competition run by the Natural History Museum has been retrospectively kicked out, after concerned rival photographers spotted an alarming similarity between the anteater star of the victorious photo and a stuffed animal that welcomes guests in a park's visitor centre.

The winning photo and the park's stuffed sample anteater are pictured above for your analysis, although the photographer insists it was sheer good luck that an anteater wandered into his shot of a termite mound at night and struck an identical pose to the dead one in nearby park buildings. Perhaps that's just how all anteaters like to stand?

The organisers of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest clearly think photographer Marcio Cabral carted out the stuffed creature to stage his winning image, although Cabral says he had a friend with him who can confirm that it was a genuine, albeit coincidentally proportioned, photo of a real anteater. [BBC]