Mr Money Saving Expert Sues Facebook Over Bitcoin Scam Ads

By Gary Cutlack on at

Martin Lewis, a man equally trusted by your dad when it comes to car insurance and your mum on whether or not claims on the shampoo bottles are genuine, has launched a legal case against Facebook. He says fake ads using his trustworthy face are undermining his reputation as a man who fights for consumer financial wellbeing.

In announcing his defamation case against the social network, Lewis highlighted one particular scam where a woman was encouraged to part with £100,000 of her savings after enrolling in a trading scheme styled as if backed by the founder of Money Saving Expert and promoted on Facebook. He says he receives messages every day from people asking him about his many and varied Bitcoin promotions too, even though he offers no such thing -- they're all operated by social scammers.

Lewis sounds proper furious about this, saying that Facebook is "...facilitating scams on a constant basis in a morally repugnant way" and adding it's not just the odd one but a consistent and repeated attack that the site's happy to do nothing about, as other ad-pushing networks make more of an effort to stamp out fraudulent endorsements.

The MSE portal has a rundown of such scam ads, if you need help spotting. It might help to remember the old saying: ads with rogue apostrophes lead to financial catastrophes. [Guardian]