Music Sales Growing as Fast as When it Was Good

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BPI has released its annual mega-dump of stats covering the previous year's UK music industry, with this latest batch of numbers saying all sort of interesting things. Like that the income of UK labels is growing as fast as it was during the Britpop era, that streaming revenues have overtaken physical sales at last, and that men in their 40s are still rebuying everything they used to like on vinyl because they haven't got anything better to do or talk about on Facebook.

Those facts and more are but a few of the angles you can take from the BPI's All About The Music 2018 document, which also says such interesting things as "CDs are selling more than they were nowadays" and "Thank christ for Ed Sheeran" and (literally) "UK record company trade income (revenues generated through sales and streams across all music formats combined with earnings from ‘sync’) rose by 10.6 per cent in 2017 to stand at £839.4 million."

That figure includes a staggering 41 per cent increase in the amount of money taken through streaming revenues compared to 2016, with streaming money now earning more than actual unit sales. A total of £346.9 was taken from music subscriptions, which is quite a huge chunk of the £839m total earned by artists in 2017. Although the "Ed Sheeran" part of that pie chart is bloody enormous. [BPI]

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