Nation's Lights Kept on for 55 Hours Without Burning Coal

By Gary Cutlack on at

All those turbines you see along the motorways seem to be doing the job, as the UK set a new record for powering itself without the need to fall back on burning coal for electricity generation.

According to the National Grid, the coal fires were out or at least left smouldering in low-stoked mode, for 54 hours and 45 minutes between the hours of 10.25pm on Monday and 5.10am on Thursday, as solar, nuclear, gas, wind and various other forms of generation coped without the need to fall back on the coal-burning generators.

The previous best coal-free run was 40 hours last October – and that one was easier as it was over a weekend when demand is lower anyway. But it's not all amazing and zero-carbon, as gas plants were the number one producer of power on Wednesday. [Bloomberg via Business Green]