Nazi Dog YouTuber Gets £800 Fine

By Gary Cutlack on at

That man who made his dog do a Nazi salute and used the classic defence that it was only a joke has been officially judged by the state, with his local Scottish court handing out an £800 fine.

Mark Meechan, who operates online under the name Count Dankula, was found guilty of hate crimes last month, in a case that chopped national opinion in half; pitching those who thought the "only a joke" excuse was just fine so carry on mate, versus people who think perhaps Nazism and general racism ought to be considered something not particularly clever to be joking about, not even way back in the dark ages of 2016 when the original clip of the Nazi-saluting dog was posted.

Meechan's happy now, though, as he's avoided a possible jail term for his crimes and ought to have quite the audience willing him on to make more of his jokes in future. He could train a dog to woof "How's about that, then?"while chewing a cigar or something. [BBC]