Netflix Decides Sci-Fi and Fantasy are the Future

By Tom Pritchard on at

We all know that Netflix has bet big on original content, because it can't really trust licencing deals to stick around permanently, but we never get to see that process behind the scenes. There's a lot of decision-making going on, and like any big company Netflix has been crunching data to figure out what people like the most. As it turns out, the answer is science fiction and fantasy.

Analytics firm Ampere Analysis noted that 29 per cent of upcoming Netflix originals are in the sci-fi and fantasy genre, more than anything else Netflix has planned. Its own research of 66,000 subscribers in 16 different countries also found that sci-fi and fantasy is the most popular category Netflix has, with 12 per cent of people nothing it as their favourite. That's higher than the 11 per cent who said they like comedy the most, which is down from the top spot (14 per cent) last year.

It shouldn't be a surprise really, seeing as how popular science fiction and fantasy content has become in recent years. Avatar is the highest grossing film ever (not accounting for inflation), Star Wars and Marvel movies regularly pull in massive amounts of cash, and who can forget the like of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Westworld which have had audiences captivated for many years?

It makes sense that Netflix would capitalise on that, particularly following the warm reception to Stranger Things, Lost in Space, Altered Carbon, Star Trek: Discovery, and more. Just a bit less of The Cloverfield Paradox-level quality next time, ok? [Business Insider via TechRadar]