Northern Rail Boss Goes on Twitter Customer Blocking Rampage

By Gary Cutlack on at

The boss of Northern Rail has gone a bit Kanye on social media, using his own personal Twitter account to aggressively interact with complaining customers -- and blocking people he doesn't like the opinions of. They're just like us, these big business types.

Liam Sumpter is the man in question, or as he's known to readers of the Financial Times, the Regional Director of ‎Arriva Rail North, AKA the Northern Rail franchise. His Twitter account seems to have calmed down today, as he's taken the classic panic approach of protecting his tweets from public view in the hope that this outrage might blow over.

As ever, though, screencaptures and the collective, inexorable memory of the internet ensure his rampage tweets live on. "I'll just block you to save us both time. See ya" was his response to one seriously dull question about profits and subsidies, with Sumpter accusing others of having a ", so limited understanding of the basics" and saying he's blocking someone to avoid their "vile idiocy" in future.

He doesn't seem to have ever dropped any F-bombs or done any extreme examples of racism, though, so it's actually fairly tame stuff -- although protecting his account makes you wonder what banter horrors might lurk further down his timeline. [Manchester Evening News]