Ofcom's Revealed the Initial Results of its Latest Mobile Spectrum Auction

By Tom Pritchard on at

Ofcom's right in the middle of a new mobile spectrum auction, taking on bids for 40MHz frequency in the 4G-ready 2.3GHz band and 150MHz in the 3.4GHz band - which is being set aside for future 5G services. This morning the regulator announced the first results in the principal stage of the auction, revealing who's bought what so far.

As you may remember from all the legal troubles, some networks have restrictions on what they can bid on. EE is barred from bidding on any of the 2.3GHz band seeing as how it owns so much 4G spectrum already, and is restricted to a total of 85MHz of the 3.4GHz band. In fact no network can own more than 255 MHz of "immediately usable spectrum", and an overall cap of 340MHz applies to every network across all spectrum bands.

According to Ofcom the 3.4GHz auction has been split up with 50MHz going to Vodafone for £378,240,000, 40MHz each going to going to EE and O2 for £302,592,000 and £317,720,000, respectively, and finally 20MHz going to Three for £151,296,000. O2 also purchase all 40 MHz of the available 2.3GHz band for £205,896,000, and newcomer Airspan Spectrum Holdings Limited didn't win anything.

According to Ofcom the whole process now moves onto the assignment stage, which shouldn't take too long to get through. This will see each network choosing where their frequency bands will be located, after which the final results will be released.

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