People Agree New Sonic The Hedgehog Thing Looks Good

By Gary Cutlack on at

Something new has been announced featuring Sonic The Hedgehog and the overall reaction from all the demographics seems to be incredibly positive. This hasn't happened since about 1995, and there's a good reason for that. It's not a video game and Sega hasn't been involved in its construction. It's shoes made by someone else.

Specifically, its the SEGA x PUMA RS-0 Sonic shoe, a trainer made using Puma's reborn RS shape but using Sega's Sonic series for its colour palette. They look like the most amazing shoes that have ever existed, so why not buy a pair, put them in the loft for 15 years, then throw them away when you move house?

A man with connections to Sega has loads more photos of them on Instagram, if you're thinking that what you need is shoes about a thing you remember to never wear. The Sonic Pumas launch on some unspecified date in June, and will probably be quite hard to get hold of as lots of old Sonic fans who bought houses at around the same time Sonic Adventure came out can afford nice things they don't really need now. [Twitter]

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