Personal Incinerators Are One Man's Vision of the Future

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man's had an idea again. This time the man is called Nik Spencer and his idea, he thinks, is particularly revolutionary: a personal incinerator for the home. Never again will you have to sort stuff out for the bin men, as the amazing, empowering thrill of burning all your rubbish could soon be here.

That's the idea behind the HERU — Home Energy Resources Unit — being built and promoted by Spencer, which he thinks could one day become as commonplace in the home as the dishwasher or fridge. Or it could live outside if you don't want it in the kitchen or haven't the room because you didn't buy your house in the 1980s and it's therefore quite small.

Better still, the rubbish burning process can be linked into the home's hot water system, making burning stuff useful as well as fun. All we need now are bigger ones we can wedge an entire mattress or cold-caller into. [HERU via BBC]