Plastic Guilt is Reviving the Milk Bottle

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's network of smaller local dairies are reporting a surge in demand for milk in old fashioned glass bottles, as the nation's resolve to move away from plastic containers strengthens.

The BBC spoke to 20 small scale local dairies, with 17 of them saying they were bottling up more in glass this year due to increased demand from customers who live in council areas where glass is easily recycled. One little milk producer charmingly known as Nigel's Dairy has seen demand for milk in glass pinters rise from 4,000 bottles a week to nearly 9,000, seeing as the news isn't full of horror stories about the evils of glass.

Elsewhere, Lanchester Dairies production manager Chris Austin told the BBC that people are happy to pay extra for that childhood clink and imagined nod of approval from David Attenborough, saying: "I think it's all on the back of everyone being more aware of the environmental impact that plastics have as opposed to glass returns. Yes, it is more expensive. But when you think you're getting your milk delivered, by a local businessman, and some of our bottles are up to two or three years old, reused 50 or 60 times." [BBC]

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