Police Investigate YouTuber's Boxing Blag

By Gary Cutlack on at

A YouTuber is being investigated by the police after boasting of blagging his way into the ring after this weekend's heavyweight boxing title fight, with the operators of the Principality Stadium in Cardiff suggesting he created a security risk by using a fake pass to avoid paying the £2,000 price of a genuine VIP ticket and join Anthony Joshua in the ring after the fight.

One of Zac's problems is that his YouTube video includes a section where he shows himself designing, printing out and laminating his fake VIP pass, which is basically him admitting his own forgery for the sake of those precious YouTube views. Here, if you can stand seeing a man called Zac padding for 12 minutes while struggling to operate a laminator and if the video hasn't been pulled yet, is the full scheme, crime and confession:

That preview image is a fake, though. He didn't get quite that close. He did his smug YouTube face from the other side of the ring. A South Wales Police spokesperson said: "These irresponsible actions are a clear breach of stadium security protocols and could have placed this individual and others attending the event at risk. We are currently investigating whether any criminal offences have been committed." [YouTube via BBC]