Pornhub Accepts Cryptocurrency Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

Given how the most popular crypto currencies feel pretty unstable, with the price fluctuating quite regularly. Well Pornhub isn't fazed, announcing that it's going to start accepting crypto payments. Just not Bitcoin, Etheereum, or Ripple.

Instead Pornhub has announced it will start accepting Verge cryptocurrency, which is a rebranded version of Dogecoin spinoff Dogecoindank. That means you can pay for Premium subscriptions on Pornhub, and other affiliated sites.

But why Verge? Well according to Pornhub the anonymity focus of this particular crypto is what drew them to it. The Verge (the site that isn't affiliated with the coin) noted that while anyone can see Verge transactions inside its public ledger, it uses the Tor network to mask user IP addresses. Users can also choose to hide on the coin's private ledger.

The Verge also notes that Verge the coin isn't immune to the price fluctuations experienced by other cryptocurrencies, but the highest it got was $0.22 (£0.15). Following the revelation that the coin had a mystery partner to announce yesterday, the price rose back up to $0.11. At the time of writing that price is down to $0.07, though it'll be interesting to see how that changes as word of Pornhub support spreads.

Pornhub commemorated this announcement with a video, showing off the distant time of 2077 where everyone uses Verge coin and Pornhub paved the way for a new global currency. Seems rather far-fetched, but we'll let it have its fun.

[Pornhub via The Verge]

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