Railway Geeks Plan Ambitious Steam Train Live Stream

By James O Malley on at

One of my favourite things to do is watch the live streams of SpaceX rocket launches - and landings. Every month or so there will usually be a launch, in which for a brief few moments you get to escape the horrors of reality, and instead indulge in an optimistic vision of the future: One where we can not just send rockets into space, but live stream the results back to my TV too.

So it is very exciting that a group of British train nerds are planning a similarly ambitious stream, using the transport technology that was the SpaceX of the Victoria era: Steam trains.

Tomorrow, the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch railway in Kent is planning to attempt to stream the relaunch of its newly restored steam locomotive "Samson" - and will be strapping the camera to the front of the train as it navigates the track. The railway is actually sort-of miniature: Samson is only 1/3 the scale of a 'real' train - though it still operates in exactly the same way, and if you fancy making the trip down, you can squeeze into one of the carriages for a ride yourself.

The plan is that they will stream the action live on the railway's Twitter and Facebook accounts from 9:30am, with a return journey scheduled in for 11am. For the latter trip, the camera will be trained on the driver - so you can see them shovelling coal and operating the controls of the vehicle. And it'll all be hosted by broadcaster and train geek Tim Dunn - so will definitely be worth tuning in to.

Here's hoping the 4G signal remains strong.