Reeclaim Will Automatically Request a Refund if Your London Underground Journey is Delayed

By Tom Pritchard on at

In the grand scheme of things, London's transport system is pretty good. At least, it is compared to some other parts of the country where it's truly horrendous and isn't nearly as convenient. You won't turn up at the tube station to find it's been shut down for no reason, forcing you to get a replacement bus, for example. But London transport is still far from perfect, and frustratingly delays do happen. Fortunately Reeclaim aims to soften the blow, by automatically requesting a refund from TfL.

Under current rules, you're entitled to some form of refund if your trip is delayed by 15 minutes on the Underground or DLR, and 30 minutes if you're travelling by Overground or TfL Rail. The problem is the process of claiming your money back isn't that simple or efficient, which led Zevi Sternlicht to come up with some sort of solution. Realising most of the process could be automated he used his programming background to develop Reeclaim.

It's quite simple really. You sign up with Reeclaim, link your account with your own TfL online account, and the site will automatically scan your journey history each day and work out whether you were delayed at any point. It'll then automatically submit a refund request to TfL. Naturally this also means you have to use an Oyster or Contactless credit/debit card that's linked to your TfL account, so TfL and Reeclaim can keep tabs on your journey history, and all refunds will be added directly to your original payment method. provided, of course, that TfL approves your claim.

Reeclaim itself is completely free, and the plan is for it to stay that way.

Sternlicht says he wants to expand the site's services to other transport services, particularly Southern Rail network which is infamous for the number of delays and cancellations travellers have to suffer through. He also has plans to develop an app at some point, in case you have something against working in a browser. [Standard]

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