Report Claims Apple Will Launch its Premium News and Magazines Subscription Within 12 Months

By Tom Pritchard on at

Apple is no stranger to delivering people their news, with the Apple News app launching alongside iOS 9 two and a half years ago. Now, though, a report claims Apple will be putting the newly acquired Texture to work, using it to integrate a premium news and magazine subscription service into Apple News.

For those that don't know Texture is a service that lets users pay $10 a month to subscribe to over 200 magazines, and was purchased by Apple last month. Now sources speaking to Bloomberg claim the company has plans to integrate it with News within the next 12 months, as part of a push to generate more money from online products and services. That would involve a premium "News" subscription added to the existing app, similar to how Apple Music's subscription is inside the standard Music app.

Which makes sense when you think about it. Apple already makes a decent slice of cash by selling music and video on iTunes, alongside subscriptions for Apple Music, so it makes sense that it would want to expand that to other areas. We already know it has grand plans to offer streaming video content, so news and magazines are the next logical step. While you can already purchase subscriptions through the Apple News app, which no doubt earns Apple some money, selling individual issues or subscriptions isn't quite the same as offering people a huge bundle of content in exchange for a single monthly fee.

Magazines can be expensive, even digitally, so it would be a nice incentive to help bring in people who wouldn't normally buy them. Seeing as how the company managed to take less than a million people who had subscribed to Beats Music and turn them into 40 million Apple Music listeners, it's not like they have no experience convincing people to hand over a bit of money every month. This doesn't mean Apple is entering the journalism business, and according to Bloomberg profits from the subscription will be split between Apple and content providers. [Bloomberg via 9to5Mac]

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