Roku's Bringing its Enhanced Voice Search to the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last month Roku launched it new enhanced voice search in the US, allowing natural language recognition through the Roku software. Today Roku has announced that this feature is coming to the UK, and will start rolling out on May 1st.

The idea behind the enhanced voice search is to make it easier and faster to find content you want to enjoy, which is why Roku employs natural language recognition. That means it can better understand what you're saying, even if you're not using the exact pre-programmed search terms, letting you search for more things and even launch streaming channels.

The feature is available as part of RokuOS 8.1, compatible with Roku's Enhanced Remotes and an upcoming version of the company's mobile app. The app will also be updating its private listening feature, letting up to four devices connect so users can listen to Roku audio through their phone with headphones.