Ryan Reynolds is Giving Away a Pink Deadpool Suit in a New 'Fuck Cancer' Campaign

By Tom Pritchard on at

Cancer is one of those things that's played a very big role in the life of Deadpool, spurring him on to get cured and resulted in him becoming a superpowered avocado man. With a sequel film on the way it seems fitting to launch an anti-cancer campaign alongside it, and by donating to the cause you could win yourself a bright pink version of Deadpool's costume.

The premise is simple, taking the form of a raffle-type competition. Each person who wants the chance to win buys tickets (costing $10/£7.10 for 100), each of which gives you a single chance to win. Obviously the more tickets you buy the better your chances, with various perks available as incentives to contribute. Spend $50 or $100 and you get double the regular number of entry tickets (1,000 and 2,000, respectively), $1,500 gets you a signed Blu-ray DVD combo, and $5,000 comes with a personalised voicemail message. There were signed posters available as well, but those have sold out.

All the proceeds from the sweepstakes are going to LetsFCancer, a non-profit organisation that “creates campaigns around behaviour change and promotes scientifically proven routes for cancer prevention. It supports and runs programs around early detection and screening, in addition to providing psychosocial support to their community through retreats and events. And it provides the cancer community with a space to be heard, feel connected and unite both digitally and in person.”

This isn't the first time film franchises have been involved in this sort of fundraising (Star Wars: Force for Change does it nearly every year), but fighting cancer and helping people afflicted it is definitely a noble cause. Deadpool's personal history with cancer means this is also a high-profile way of getting the word out, like using Daredevil or Batgirl for charities involving blindness and wheelchair users, respectively.

There are 47 days left to contribute, and maybe win yourself something unique and priceless in the process, which you can do here.

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