Sainsbury's Tests Delivery by Mini Fleet of Electric Bikes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Supermarket chain Sainsbury's has invented a new category of home delivery – the home delivery by electric cargo bike, for people who can restrain themselves to only ordering slightly less than 125kg of shopping and live within three miles of a branch.

Within three miles of one particular branch at the moment, as this trial is only taking place at the Streatham supermarket in London's south, where the cargo bikes and their massive buckets ought to be able to handle around 100 orders a day, pending battery status.

You don't get to choose bike-delivery as an option at checkout though, as the Sainsbury's computers will decide which orders can be combined into one cargo bike load and delivered by a man who will almost certainly arrive muttering all the worst swear words. [Sainsbury's via Bikebiz]

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