See if Our MPs Understand Facebook as Tech Officer Gets Live Parliamentary Grilling

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's the turn of our MPs to demonstrate what they know about the ways in which Facebook operates and collates data, with the "Fake News" parliamentary committee interrogating Facebook's chief technical officer Mike Schroepfer this morning.

It started at 10:30am, and you can watch the live stream of the extremely formal chat here:

This is the inquiry that the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee first asked Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to attend, only to be told in a roundabout way that he was too important.

So far, Schroepfer has kicked off by highlighting the ad preferences options within the site, saying that all the information he could find about himself was that he liked coffee and cats, and if you don't like being so categorised you can delete this automated bracketing. He also compared Facebook's spread of political ads to those you might see in a newspaper - where you are unable to block or opt out of adverts because... there they are.

He's not come here to take a kicking. [Parliament TV]