Selfridges Self-Bans Plastic Fizzy Drink Bottles

By Gary Cutlack on at

Posh shop Selfridges has taken the matter of ocean floor littering and food chain plasticising into its own hands, and has launched its own, bespoke, because-it-wants-to ban on the sale of fizzy drinks in plastic bottles.

The chain's branches in London, Birmingham and Manchester now only sell carbonated things in cans and bottles, which is quite a shift given that it says it sold 500,000 plastic bottles of variously flavoured sugar water last year.

It's previously stopped selling water in single use plastic water bottles as part of an earlier push to eradicate plastic it ran in 2015, with the chain's deputy chairwoman Alannah Weston saying: "We are seeing a huge shift in people’s attitudes to single-use plastic water bottles, and now to carbonated drinks. As a city, we still have a long way to go but we can encourage environmentally conscious behaviour from individuals, manufacturers and retailers." [The Times]