'Shut up, Morrissey' Bags Re-Enter Production

By Gary Cutlack on at

A third run of bags that say what the nation is thinking has entered production, as it seems a huge number of people would like a shopping bag that says "'Shut up, Morrissey" on it, in case they meet the popstar browsing the alternative vegan milks section of their local Waitrose.

These are the work of a lady called Verity, who sold a batch of the same bags last year and raised £1,730 for the victims of the Manchester terror attack. And now, seeing as Morrissey has done another terrible interview and needs more telling, they're back on sale. Just £10 gets you a bag that says maybe Mr The Smiths ought to stick to singing the classics and not talk about politics.

Verity told the BBC that she was hit with requests for new bags as soon as the interview went live, saying: "As soon as he has an interview, I get messages, and yesterday I had quite a lot of messages. And I went, you know what, why not? I couldn't believe what he said yesterday. Like all the stuff he said about the way Sadiq Khan speaks. That's the way I speak! It's just British."

Hence you can now have a bag that says "Shut Up, Morrissey" on it, although if she does another batch, it might be good to add an asterisk and some small print saying it's actually OK to sing Suedehead but that and eating Quorn sausages is about all he should use his mouth for these days. [BBC]