Sky Mobile is Bringing Data Rollover to Tablet Tariffs, But No iPads Yet

By Tom Pritchard on at

For people who don't have unlimited data plans, which let's be honest is the vast majority of you, it can be frustrating to pay for a set amount of data each month and not end up using it all. Until the networks stop being stingy and start offering unlimited deals again, data rollover perks are the best way to make sure you get the most out of your money. Sky Mobile has bet a lot on offering rollover on its smartphone tariffs, and now it's bringing it to tablet deals.

Sky has added Samsung Galaxy Tabs to its Sky Mobile Swap contracts, offering the Tab A 7.0, Tab A 10.1, and 9.2-inch Galaxy Tab S2 on Swap24 and Swap36 contracts.The cheapest of those deals is for the Tab A 7.0, which will cost £10 a month with 500MB of data on a 36 month contract and £13 a month on the 24 month contract. Prices for the Tab A 10.1 start at £13 a month, and the Tab S2 starts at £19 a month. That's if you're not a Sky customer already, since loyal Sky-loving people can get a £5 a month discount.

More data is available if you pay for it, and naturally any you don't use gets saved up in your Sky Piggybank for up to three years. The legal bits say that you can only claim it back 1GB at a time, however. Being a swap plan Sky will let you trade-in your tablet for a newer model when your contracts are up. It also promised iPads will also be available at some time in the future, though hasn't revealed any sort of time frame for that.

Those new deals are available right now, and you can check them out here.