Skyscanner's Added the Option to Buy Train Tickets, With No Booking Fees

By Tom Pritchard on at

Air travel is what immediately comes to mind when you think of Skyscanner, especially with that name, but the booking app offers a lot more like hotels and car hire. Now there's a new addition, because you can now book train tickets through the app and avoid giving your booking fee money to the Trainline.

Actually you can save the booking fee money full stop, because Skyscanner will let you search for and book train tickets without incurring the most irritating added cost in the world. The idea is that the company can earn some money from people who aren't going to be flying, and considering how busy trains always seem to be that feels like a pretty sensible decision.

The train booking feature is powered by, a new international booking service from Skyscanner's owner Ctrip, and it's been promised that there will be 24 hours customer service for anyone that needs it.

Bryan Dove, Skyscanner’s CTO, said:

“Being part of the Ctrip group allows us to take advantage of elements of Ctrip’s technology and experience and bring that value to Skyscanner’s travellers.

The launch of our train booking product is one such example. Our focus has always been on making travel as easy as possible and our new train feature will do just that, with the benefit of no booking fees.” 

Currently the feature is restricted to the Skyscanner iOS app, but the company has promised it'll be rolling out to Android devices and browsers for everyone in the UK. [TechCrunch]

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