Snap is Working on Updated Spectacles, and No I Don't Understand Why Either

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last month a report surfaced claiming Snapchat was working on a new and updated version of its Spectacles, the sunglasses that also functioned as a wearable Snapchat camera. Despite reports that nobody actually bought them, leading to massive piles of stock sitting around in warehouses untouched, the company clearly isn't deterred. Now filings with the US Federal Communications Commission indicate that there are new Spectacles coming very soon.

The filing made by Snapchat mentions a "wearable video camera" which is exactly what the original Spectacles were. Seeing as how the originals have already been filed and gone on sale in the US, this can only mean that a new model is coming. Unfortunately the file itself has suffered some hefty redactions, meaning there's not a lot we can gleam from what lies within. It does, however, mention that this is "model 002", supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and an electronic ID label rather than a physical label that lived on the temple of the original Spectacles. That may suggest a redesigned frame, but who knows at this point.

Last month a report from Cheddar claimed Snapchat was actually working on two new models of its wearable camera, set to arrive sometime this Autumn. One of those models was said to be an incremental improvement on the original, fixing bugs and making other general improvements, while the second allegedly comes with GPS, an aluminium frame, and a dual-camera system. Both models were expected to sell for $129 (£91) and $300 (£212) respectively. It's not actually clear how accurate Cheddar's report was, or whether there will be a third model that sees the light of day.

I just don't understand why the company is bothering. I'm pretty sure a new version of Spectacles isn't going to change the fact that nobody wants them. [FCC via Engadget]

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