Snapchat’s Long-Awaited iPhone X Lenses Won’t Make Me Forget Rihanna’s Decree

By Patrick Lucas Austin on at

iPhone X owners who still use Snapchat are in for a pleasant surprise today. The camera company, famously annihilated by Rihanna after it approved an ad mocking domestic violence victims, is finally releasing its previously announced lenses designed for the iPhone X. The feature was teased nearly seven months ago, so it’s about time.

The new lenses work in concert with the iPhone X’s TrueDepth facial recognition camera system, and track your visage using the 30,000 infrared dots that are beamed onto your face by the device. You’d think Snap would use the extra time to add some variety to its repository of AR-friendly facial overlays, or to continue to profusely apologize to Her Majesty, but there are only three TrueDepth-enabled lenses to choose from, identical to the ones shown in September at Apple’s iPhone X keynote event. At least you can make your own lenses, ya know?

Oh, wait. You can’t.

Currently, the TrueDepth-enabled lenses are excluded from Snapchat’s Lens Studio tool. Great job, guys.