Staffordshire Lion Tamer Banned From Publicly Taming His Lions

By Gary Cutlack on at

Thomas Chipperfield, a man with a famous old name who's the UK's last surviving lion tamer, has effectively been banned from practising his arts in England.

Chipperfield's been appealing against DEFRA to be allowed to continue touring his lions and tigers entertainment show, with a Freedom of Information request lodged by the BBC finding out that his most recent appeal was denied earlier this year. DEFRA would like the practise of trailering exotic animals around the country to be banned, although Chipperfield is said to be planning a further appeal.

Thomas has three big cats in his possession --two lions and a tiger -- which he keeps in private grounds in Staffordshire, and insists that their welfare is consistently rated as tickety-boo by authorities, so why shouldn't he be allowed to continue touring his "educational" historic taming of the beasts shows? [BBC]

Image credit: Twitter

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