Starship's Delivery Robots Are Getting a Commercial Rollout

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember Starship Technologies, the company that developed robots designed to deliver stuff to your house? They are back in the news again, and following a trial in London the company is working on rolling out its autonomous delivery bots commercially. That's right, in the very near future you might have your stuff delivered by a bot on wheels, rather than a dude on a moped.

The rollout is taking place in the US and across Europe (including the UK), with a focus on academic and corporate campuses - which is on top of existing deliveries to people in houses. Anyone working in a location that has Starships robots in the vicinity will be able to use a mobile app to summon food that will be delivered by robot. The idea being they don't have to wander around from building to building on their way to or from their food.

According to Starship, the rollout on Intuit’s Mountain View campus has an average wait time of 17 minutes, meaning people don't have to spend their precious lunch break standing in a big queue waiting to be served. Apparently this has encouraged workers to spend more time in the outdoor areas, including a patio and basketball court.

Starship didn't mention many specifics for us here in the UK, but it did confirm that it was continuing its trial with Just Eat in London, and with "a major supermarket in Milton Keynes" that wasn't named. A representative also confirmed there were plans to rollout the bots to businesses across the UK, as part of the company's goal to have 1,000 bots in action worldwide before the end of the year.