Surprise, Surprise, Some of the Worst Gender Pay Gap Offenders in the UK are Football Teams

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today companies across the UK have revealed data documenting the levels of pay disparity between men and women, with around 78 per cent of them paying men more money on average. People have been sifting through the data to see how companies are doing when it comes to gender pay gap, and have found some interesting things.

Things like how football teams are amongst the worst offenders when it comes to the difference in median income for men and women.

Although the explanation feels quite simple. Football players get paid a disgusting amount of money for kicking a ball around, which is going to skew the results quite considerably. Even though clubs often have professional female teams, it's not nearly as popular amongst the people of the world. The popularity of men's football teams means lucrative deals with sponsors, advertisers, and broadcasters, the proceeds of which eventually go back to the players themselves. Female footballers unfortunately can't command those types of salaries.

But that's a very industry-specific reasoning, and certainly doesn't account for the other companies that have high levels of disparity when it comes to how much men and women get paid. The top end of that list isn't restricted to sports teams of any kind, so the others might have some explaining or grovelling to do.

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