The Beano Demands Jacob Rees-Mogg Stops Impersonating Walter the Softy

By Tom Pritchard on at

Hold on let me check my calendar... Nope! It's not magically April 1st again, so I can only assume the Beano is being deadly serious with the cease and desist letter it's sent to Jacob Rees-Mogg accusing him of impersonating long-time Dennis the Menace supporting character Walter.

The comic has sent a letter to the Tory MP, asking him to stop masquerading as Dennis's the Menace's arch-enemy/frequent victim, noting that Walter first debuted in 1953 - 16 years before Rees-Mogg was born in 1969. Apparently the comic's readers spotted the similarities, bringing it to the attention of the publisher who is willing to take the battle to the high court if necessary.

Mike Stirling, Head of Beano Studios, Scotland said:

"We were flattered when we discovered that Jacob Rees-Mogg has dedicated his life to impersonating one of my favourite Beano characters, young Walter. Nonetheless, as a hard-working British media company, we would prefer the public gets its Walter fix in the pages of our comics and on, rather than played out on the political stage. In other words, bog off Rees-Mogg!"

The whole letter was also published on Twitter, and the comic company claims Rees-Mogg hasn't responded yet.

Although all joking aside, it's clear that Rees-Mogg is a man with repulsive views. Even if you ignore his stance on Brexit and the EU for whatever reason, he a man staunchly against same-sex marriage, has said some terrible things about people who didn't have a private education or go to Oxbridge, warned against increased minority representation in government (in the same interview I might add), strongly supports zero-hour contracts that routinely come under criticism, and that's just scratching the surface.

I make a point of saying that because we've seen how treating politicians as a joke can play out. Boris Johnson adopted his infamous bumbling persona that made him seem more endearing to many people, taking him from relative nobody to Foreign Secretary - and one of those names that continually comes up when the Conservative Party leadership is up for grabs.

I'm all in favour of mocking people for horrible ideas and behaviour, but let's not turn the man into a joke. He's a politician that's been getting a lot of media attention, and even though he's not in the cabinet that still gives him a significant amount of power. Let's all make sure he's held accountable for any wrongdoings.

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